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I was raised in a Christian home, and we rarely missed a church service. I even made a profession of faith when I was 9 years old and baptized; however, when I was about 14, I realized that I was not saved and called upon the LORD to save me. Our home bordered my grandfather's fields, and I was very upset at my parents and God for the way I perceived my failing life. It was during a very emotional conflict with my mother, that I ran out into these fields and shook my fist at God and told Him that I did not believe in Him anymore. Graciously, a still small voice came to me speaking, "do you really believe that? Look up at the sky, who made all this? You know I did."  

     After I complied with the voice, He told me that I was the one who was making my own life miserable with my poor attitude and rebellion. As we conversed, I began to pray for forgiveness when I realized that God was right, and I agreed with Him about my lost condition. I accepted him that night as LORD of my life. I did not realize that this was my point of salvation until some years latter when I searched for the day in my life that I was truly changed. This night was that night and I never had those perceive problems again; and amazingly, my relationships improved! 

     God continued to work in my life, and I helped at church and even spoke at a youth retreat once while a teenager; but, God wanted me to learn more than what civilian life could teach, so He had me join the Air Force right after high school. About 2 years into my military life, I married my wife of almost 20 years. Then in 1999, the AF (used by God) sent me away for 3 months for training. During this alone time, I prayed more than ever and concentrated on God's Word. He spoke to me again in that small voice as I was praying one night, and asked me if I were willing to do whatever He asked. At that moment, I said "yes LORD." He told me He wanted me to be a preacher, but to use my time in the AF to learn about His Word and take every opportunity to preach the Word.  

     I obeyed God and begin Faith Bible Institute and completed 3 years. At the same time, I began AWANA and spoke to little kids, filled in for Sunday School teachers, learned how to knock doors and witness, honed my piano skills, and taught my children to sing. Then the Lord sent me to Utah in 2004, where I continued in AWANA, discipled new converts, led the nursing home ministry for 3 nursing/assisted living facilities, played the piano for a 500 member church, taught a Sunday School class for the Senior Adults, and began attending Liberty University.  

     After my stint in Utah, the AF made me a recruiter and moved me to Arkansas in 2009. While I was there, our pastor at Cathedral mentored  me and allowed me to actively participate in the ministry there, which included the youth. During this time I also taught/preached to adult men. Shortly afterwards, Cathedral ordained me as a deacon. During the tenure of the next years, I preach many assisted living facilities and youth retreats until I retired from the AF in 2015. 

     Once I retired, Cathedral Baptist Church asked me to become their Associate Pastor. This position allowed me to learn the pastorate and be mentored by a seasoned pastor about the daily ministries of the church, dealing with people on a new level, conducting funerals, and counseling others. After about a year, Cathedral ordained me as a pastor in 2016. 

     Shortly after being ordained as a pastor, God  spoke to me in many ways about committing to a pastorate in a local assembly. I agreed with God and allowed Him to lead me to Bethany, where my family  and I are honored to be apart of God's work on a new and exciting level!    



Bethany is a traditional Baptist Church that desires to reach the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can expect to hear the Gospel and for the Bible to be a central part of the services. We love doctrinally sound preaching that teaches the scripture and songs that present the Gospel message.

We believe that the presenting the Gospel is not just for inside the church building, but should be carried into the surrounding neighborhoods. The Jesus commands us to be active in the "Great Commission" by being witnesses, both in our own community and also by supporting state, national, and foreign missionary efforts.

The Gospel message we teach focuses on "how Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures." (1 Cor 15:3,4)  We believe people are "saved by grace through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast." (Eph 2:8,9) (learn more)

We are a very social church, within our own body of believers; and additionally, with other churches and bodies of believers. We affiliate with the Jonesboro Association of Missionary Baptist Churches, as well as, the Baptist Missionary Association of America.  

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