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The ministries at Bethany are "Christ centered!" These are designed to fulfill the "Great Commission" commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20. We are to develop young Christians into mature Christian by training them to serve God with the talents and gifts that He has given to them. With this desire at our foundation, we want our members to be "going" as witness, growing as servants of Christ, and leading others to  God! 



Prayer is a vital part of what Bethany believes should be practiced both at church and at home. Additionally, Wednesday services dedicate time to reviewing the prayer list and then praying over it.



The adults at Bethany regularly participate in activities outside of normal church times.  From bible studies to the monthly senior adult lunches, the senior group stays active both in and out of church.

Bethany has many regularly scheduled events to help us fulfill our mission of proclaiming God's life-changing grace.

Sunday Small Groups


We have a full complement of Sunday evening classes covering all age groups.  There are classes available for all ages of children and adults can select from classes depending upon style and age preferences. 

Additionally, there is a class dedicated to apologetics, where we answer and discuss the hard questions of our times and discover biblical answers that strengthen our witness; and, discover the Bible on an 1 Peter 3:15 level. - "always ready to give an answer!"

Classes begin at 6:00pm each week.

Community outreach


Bethany believes that the church is commissioned to "go to the highways and hedges" literally! We plan special meetings at homes, living facilities, ect. Additionally, special services designed to reach lost acquaintances of regular attendees.  



The youth have a very active part in the ministries of Bethany. There are associated class directed toward their ages, and at the same time they are trained and prepared to become leaders within the congregation. This is accomplished by teaching them to managing the sound equipment, lead congregational singing, teaching younger children, evangelizing, singing (with others and individually, helping to decorate the facility, etc.



The music is a blend of modernized traditional & contemporary. We have an ensemble of instruments that play and a group effort to lead in the worship themed music. Choir/Groups within the church sing holiday themed specials. Expect to hear a little-bit of new and older songs.

We also periodically host Gospel Singing Groups.



Nursery is provided so you can allow one of our workers to tend to your child or, if you choose, you may sit and watch the service on the monitor.

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