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Bethany was established on November 26, 1943, as several members of various sister churches met to vote and declare Bethany as an independent Missionary Baptist Church. The body of believers then elected Elder I. O. Henson as their first pastor.   

The meeting place was in a tabernacle located approximately where Farmer's Union Funeral Home is now located, but the facility was  shortly sold by the owners and the church began to meet in the home of T. J. Feezor and an older building on North Main Street.

In March of 1946, with J. L. McCrackin now as the acting pastor; Bethany purchased two lots on North Church Street from Mr. Lacy for "$400 less $50 provided a church house was erected on them." He also donated another lot later. Four members, J.L. McCrackin, W.I. Henry, Bill Gregson, and John Pratt, procured a $3000 loan from the bank by mortgaging property, so that, Bethany could begin the building phase.

The first service in the new building was the first Sunday in August, 1946. It was a blessed day with 22 additions and 1 salvation; which, was a common occurrence over the next few years. This solidified Bethany as an established church and pillar in the community.

In July 1994, Bethany felt the need to relocate the church to it's current location directly off of Highway 49 North. As the new church building was being built they continued meeting at their old North Church Street building with the last meeting at that site held on October 8, 1995.

Church meetings resumed in the new building the following Sunday; where it continues to meet until this day.

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